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Episode 62- If In Battle I Fall

This week, it’s the final tale of Ol’ Hornhead from the pen of Stan Lee.

Dave cracks open Daredevil issue 50, which concludes Stan’s run of 49 regular issues, and one annual.

Daredevil faces a killer robot bent on his death, as well as the robot’s maker, Starr Saxon.

But, things take a twist when Daredevil has to stop the robot from killing Biggie Benson, the man who sent the robot after Daredevil in the first place.


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ddp album 61

Episode 61- Daredevil Drops Out

Daredevil has had it with the superhero racket. He is on the out with Foggy, and Karen. It may be time to hang up the red duds.

Unfortunately, the killer robot hiding in Matt Murdock‘s closet has other plans for the Man Without Fear, namely DEATH.

With Daredevil issue 49, Dave looks at the final pair of Daredevil tales from Stan Lee, ending his run with a sci-fi horror tale that would make James Cameron proud.


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ddp album 60

Episode 60- The Final Jest

It is back to classic Daredevil action, as Dave looks at one of the more underrated Daredevil villainsThe Jester.

As we look at Daredevil issue 46, we see Daredevil in prison, framed for a murder that he did not commit. The Jester has managed to outmaneuver and outsmart the man without fear.

How can Daredevil track down the mystery villain, and get his name cleared from behind bars? Why, stage a jailbreak, of course.

Join Dave in looking at Daredevil’s Hail Mary rush to get out of the slammer, clear his name, and take down the evil menace hiding under The Jester’s mask.


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ddp album 59

Episode 59- Redemption Song

The final rainy day episode is upon us- and it features a story published across 4 issues of Marvel Comics Presents. Dave covers issues 69-72 which features a serialized Daredevil story.

It’s a hot, hot summer. Many New Yorkers are escaping the heat by listening to a new pirate radio station. Plus, there are packs of wild dogs loose in the Big Apple.

With this background, Daredevil falls into a plot involving corrupt science, greedy corporations, super-intelligent dogs, and a soundtrack to die for.

Yep, this could be a gem of a story, or absolute crap. Listen, and find out.


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